This visit at the Prado Museum is recommended for 5th and 6th grade of Primary Education. In it, the students are introduced at museums’ environment in an amusement way in order to create positive experiences which will stay in their memories for a long term.

The students will visit four art Works of Francisco de Goya. The number of paintings as well as the time they ́ll spend in front of them have been programmed to get the bests results agree to neuroscientist studies.

Within the notebook, as well as at the digital Project, the students do a number of exercises in the way of puzzles, to increase the learning. It ́s also available an online project to prepare the viisit in an amusement, interactive and didactic digital envieoment.

The goals of the visit Goya at the Prado Museum are well developed at the Guía didáctica. Here there are just some of them:

  • Develop a positive and lasting relationship between culture and entertainment.
  • Be introduced to the knowledge of some Goya’s art work.
  • Discover temporary and permanent relationships between objects and circumstances.
  • Develop strategies to evaluate the result.
  • Know that information can be found in different ways.
  • Understand that tastes and habits have changed over time.
  • Motivate to learn and feel protagonist of their learning.
  • Have the perception of self-efficacy and self-confidence.
  • Promote analytical capacity
  • Be aware and respect the diversity of feelings that people have in front of the same art work.

The result of the visit is that the students leave the museum excited and eager to repeat the experience.